Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum
9 Prospekt Leona, office 201
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Our services

  • consulting and conducting preliminary research in order to identify similar and identical trademarks, recommendations for further development in the event of the identification of such trademarks;
  • assistance in the correct classification of the list of goods and services in accordance with the 11th edition of the Nice classification (the scope of the rights granted is determined by the list of goods and services)
  • registration and filing of applications for registration of a trademark, service mark, appellation of origin of goods in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Abkhazia.
  • record keeping and legal support of the application during formal examination and qualification examination of the claimed designation: filing applications and preparing reasoned responses to examination requests, protesting decisions, amending the application, extending the deadlines;
  • obtaining a certificate of registration of a trademark, service mark and extension of its validity;
  • preparation and registration of agreements on the transfer of rights and license agreements in the Office of Abkhazia;
  • documentation for making a decision on recognition of a trademark as well-known in the Republic of Abkhazia;
  • extension of trademarks, service marks and names of places of origin
  • protection of intellectual property rights in case of violation, work with law enforcement agencies and participation in litigation.
  • other services in the field of intellectual property.
  • development and execution of license agreements and agreements on the alienation of exclusive property rights to an invention, industrial design, utility model, trademark;
  • state registration of license agreements and agreements on alienation of exclusive rights to intellectual property in the Patent Office;
  • correspondence during the registration of the contract, monitoring the progress of consideration of the application for registration of the contract;
  • making changes to the agreement on the alienation of exclusive rights or license agreement and registration of such changes;
  • execution and registration of the early termination of the license agreement,
  • receipt and transfer to the client of the decision to register the contract;
  • consulting services.
  • providing legal advice on issues of violation of intellectual property rights;
  • planning and implementation of measures aimed at pre-trial settlement of the dispute (negotiations, preparation and distribution of letters of claim and letters of notification of violation of intellectual property rights);
  • representation of client interests in the Ministry of the Interior, Patent Office and the judiciary.
  • protection against unfair competition;